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We asked for your input to help us create a new Maternal Mental Health Service in Dorset to enable women and their families to experience the best mental health and wellbeing possible.

We wanted to hear about your experiences of mental health services, resources and support in Dorset during and after pregnancy. These are often called maternal or perinatal mental health services.  We wanted to know how people could be helped to improve their mental health and wellbeing during pregnancy and beyond, and how well you think current services support this. The information you gave us has been collated in a report.

What’s next?

Your views have helped to inform discussions we have had with local people and stakeholders to enable us to improve and develop future services in Dorset to better meet people’s needs and improve their mental health and wellbeing. The new pathway will begin to be implemented in April 2022.

Useful links to mental health support



A 24/7 phone helpline for people of all ages in Dorset who are experiencing mental health issues and need support.

Call 111 and select ‘mental health’ or dial 0300 123 5440.

Further information about Connection can be found online from Dorset HealthCare.