At your booking appointment, your midwife might decide that you need to be referred to the obstetric team for additional care. There are many reasons that this might be necessary, and these will be discussed with you.

Common reasons:

  • Existing medical problems

  • High or low body mass index (BMI)

  • Smoking

  • Diabetes

  • Endocrine problems

  • Previous caesarean

You may also start out your pregnancy under midwife-led care but need to be transferred to the obstetric team later in your pregnancy. For example, if you are having multiple babies, if your baby isn’t growing as expected, or if you develop complications such as gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension, obstetric cholestasis etc.

When you arrive at the obstetric clinic, a maternity care assistant will offer to check:

  • Blood pressure

  • Urine

  • Weight

Your carbon monoxide levels will also be tested at some clinics. Find out more about carbon monoxide screening.

You will then wait to see the consultant or a member of their team. You will discuss the reason for your appointment and your care plan. They will give you an opportunity to ask questions about your condition and discuss any worries you might have about how it will affect your pregnancy and birth.

You may need:

  • Regular ultrasounds to check your baby’s growth

  • Further tests relating to existing or related medical conditions

  • Additional blood tests

The reasons for these tests should be explained to you, so you can ask questions about them.
Some women may only need to be seen once by the obstetric team, while others may have regular appointments to ensure their pregnancy is progressing well.

Your midwife might identify that you are at increased risk of developing pre-eclampsia, and may advise you to take Aspirin during your pregnancy to reduce this risk.