The physiotherapy teams across Dorset have been working to provide useful information on Maternity Matters to help you during pregnancy and after delivery.

Most women find these tips very helpful in managing symptoms. Please take a look before you refer yourself.

The Dorset Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Teams can treat pregnancy-related and after delivery back pain, pelvic pain, hand numbness/pins and needles, postnatal separation of the tummy muscles and pelvic floor problems such as bladder and bowel leaking, feeling of vaginal prolapse such as bulging and heaviness, and pelvic floor muscle weakness. You can refer yourself up to 12 months following delivery.

The physio teams are based at Dorchester, Poole and Christchurch and you will be able to indicate which location you prefer.

If you have any vaginal bleeding or fluid loss, reduced baby movements or your baby is not moving as normal, please contact labour line on 0300 369 0388 for further advice.

If you need to refer yourself to the physio team, please complete the form.