Labour Line

Labour Line is open 24 hours a day, so if you are unsure whether your labour has started or you have any concerning symptoms, it’s best to call.

Call 0300 369 0388 if you experience any of the following:

  • Your waters break

  • You’re bleeding

  • You have unexplained abdominal pain

  • Your baby is moving less than usual, or the pattern of movements has changed

  • You’re less than 37 weeks pregnant and think you might be in labour

  • You feel unwell or feverish

  • You are unsure or worried about your labour, yourself or your baby


Call 999 immediately if:

  • You can feel the umbilical cord inside your vagina, or you can see it hanging out of your vagina
  • You are bleeding very heavily
  • You lose consciousness
  • You are pushing or your partner can see your baby’s head
  • You have a seizure or fit

Some women will need to go into hospital at the beginning of their labour rather than staying at home. Your consultant or midwife will tell you if this is the case and advise you to call Labour Line if you think your labour has started.