For most women, it’s safe to continue to have sex throughout your pregnancy, unless you are advised not to by a healthcare professional.

Some women find sex very enjoyable during pregnancy and find that their sex drive increases. Others find that they suddenly don’t want to have sex at all. Changes to your sex drive are usually related to the changes in your hormones, but feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious, feeling sick, being in pain, or being concerned about the baby can all impact your sex drive.

Make sure you talk to your partner about how you’re feeling, as this will help you to maintain other types of intimacy in your relationship.

Be assured that your baby will not be aware of what’s happening, and you can’t hurt your baby.

If you experience any bleeding during or after intercourse please contact 0300 369 0388 immediately.

If you are experiencing certain complications, you might be advised not to have sex for some or all of your pregnancy. If you receive this advice, you should follow it in order to keep your baby safe.