Bournemouth Birthing Centre is a free-standing Midwifery-Led Unit providing labour, birth and postnatal care to women who have had no complications during their pregnancy.

“Meet the Birth Team” tours happen every other Tuesday at 5pm and 6pm, and there is no need to book. Please call the Birthing Centre on 0300 0194434 to confirm when the next session is. This is an informal group, which welcomes women and their birthing partner to discuss all areas of birthing at the birth centre or at home.

  • Two, large and modern, en-suite birthing rooms

  • Two birthing pools

  • En-suite postnatal room

Who can give birth here?

Mothers who are fit and well, have no medical conditions and have a straightforward pregnancy can choose to give birth here.

  • Only having one baby (no multiple births)

  • Have not had a previous caesarean section

  • You are between 37 and 41 weeks plus 6 days pregnant

  • Have had no previous birth complications such as heavy bleeding or manual removal of placenta

Your midwife will discuss your individual birth place options with you.

Pain Relief Options

Birth Facilities

We do not offer epidurals as we are a Midwife-led unit and there are no doctors on site.

If you decide during your labour that you would like an epidural, we would need to transfer you to a Consultant-led unit (usually University Hospitals Dorset Maternity Unit).

More about the Bournemouth Birthing Centre

The centre offers a relaxed atmosphere with a homely feel. We are a small unit, so we can provide attentive and personalised care. The centre is run by experienced midwives, which means there are no obstetricians (doctors specialising in pregnancy and birth) at Bournemouth Birthing Centre.

Our midwives are highly skilled in recognising and identifying any difficulties or problems. If there are any concerns during labour or following birth, you would be transferred to a consultant-led unit via ambulance, accompanied by your midwife. As there is no consultant-led unit at Bournemouth Hospital, you will usually be taken to University Hospitals Dorset Maternity Hospital, but you may be taken to another unit if Poole are especially busy.

Women can opt to have their antenatal care with the birth team at the birth centre.

After the birth

Provision for partners staying overnight

  • Partners can stay in a room with you during your stay

Your stay after you’ve given birth

  • Following the birth of your baby, we will make an individualised plan for the length of your stay. This will ususally be a minimum of 3 hours following the birth.

  • You may be transferred to our en-suite postnatal room following the birth of your baby

  • If you are transferred to the labour ward at a different hospital during the birth, they will move you to their postnatal ward and take care of you and baby

If you need additional monitoring or medical treatment following the birth, you will be transferred to the University Hospitals Dorset Maternity Unit. If your baby needs to be monitored or to receive medical treatment, they may be taken to the Neonatal Unit, or you may both be sent to the Transitional Care Unit at University Hospitals Dorset Maternity Unit in Poole.

Contact and visitor information

Contact information

  • Main maternity telephone number: 01202 704681

  • If in labour telephone: 0300 369 0388

Visitor information

There are no visiting restrictions at this birthing centre, however there is no waiting area for visitors.

Flowers and plants are not permitted at the birth centre.

Outside space

  • Outside space is available for women in labour

  • Women can easily access an outdoor area with a lake and pathway, earlier on in labour

Food for partners out of hours

  • Hospital canteen with vending machine

  • Vending machine

  • 24 hour access to refreshments

Car parking

Women in labour

  • There is a free dedicated parking area outside the Birth Centre for women in labour and birthing at the centre.

Partner and visitor

  • Visitors can use the main hospital car parks.

Other useful information


  • Wheelchair access to the wards and delivery suite

  • Limited mobility: lifts available and disabled toilets/shower rooms

  • Hearing problems: all maternity areas have an audio induction loop system

  • Sight problems: guide dogs allowed in the building

Interpreting service

  • Contact the Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) on 01202 704886 or

  • Translation services or Language Line.

Specialist midwifery terms

  • Antenatal screening

  • Bereavement

  • Diabetes

  • Infant feeding

  • Perinatal mental health

  • Substance misuse

  • Teenage pregnancy

  • Vulnerable women

  • Homebirth team